Where can I read more on CeL-Factor’s research and testing?

CeL-Factor™ is the only product on the market that has been clinically proven to help consumers protect themselves from EMF radiation. To read more on Ce-Factor’s testing click here.


What kind of technology is used? Is this a new technology?

It is a breakthrough technology called Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT). EQCCT produces a natural form of communication that our body recognizes.


How does CeL-Factor™ work?

The technology embedded in CeL-Factor™ provides precise communication on a cellular level to keep cells organized (communicating) when distortion occurs from EMF radiation generated by devices such as cellphones etc.


What kind of source powers the device?

CeL-Factor’s power is like that of a microchip, which uses the power source of the device it is installed on.  It is like an RFID (Radio-Frequency-Identification-Device) which also has no power source, but is activated when a specific frequency hits it.


What is the effect of CeL-Factor™?

CeL-Factor™ lowers head tissue temperature and keeps blood in a more normal state. CeL-Factor™ was tested through many third party Institutes in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Most recently was a comprehensive randomized double blind study at Jasper Research Clinic, a well renowned research institute. CeL-Factor™ lowers the SAR rate (SAR = Specific Absorption Rate – a measurement the industry is using to measure the impact of radiation on tissue) by more than 74% when tested at the Holon Institute of Technology.


Is CeL-Factor™ a complicated device to build? What is it made of?

The exact composition of CeL-Factor™ is protected intellectual property (IP). In simplistic terms, CeL-Factor is constructed of several different polymers and organic inks. Built in several specific micro layers which when sequentially combined creates a natural type of energy flow, a corresponding nature system. This process allows CeL-Factor™ to correspond with liquids to achieve a desired result.


Where is CeL-Factor™ manufactured?

CeL-Factor™ is made in Germany, by companies  whom have the technical expertise and equipment to precisely engineer CeL-Factor™.


Does CeL-Factor™ have any  negative side effects?

CeL-Factor does not have any negative side effects.


Why different CeL-Factor™ devices  for different applications?

Electromagnetic devices emit different frequencies. For example, your cellphone and a microwave oven use the same technology. The amount of power used is the only difference. This is why CeL-Factor™ is made differently for each applicable device.


If I buy a new phone can I transfer CeL-Factor™ from one phone to the other?

No. The precise engineering of CeL-Factor™ does not withstand the bending twisting and ripping actions, associated with removing the device.


How long does the CeL-Factor last or how long will it be affective?

CeL-Factor™  is working as long you have it on your phone and it is not destroyed.


Who is most at risk?  Why?

Research proves that our children, teens, and young adults are the most vulnerable, due to the developmental stages of the human body. Children are especially vulnerable to cellphone radiation due to bone density.


Can the CeL-Factor™ work on my vehicles Bluetooth?

Yes, CeL-Factor’s technology reduces the harmful effects from all electromagnetic emitting devices.


If cell phones are so dangerous why doesn’t the government ban them, or issue health warnings?

Most individuals do not understand or realize that cellphone manufactures “do issue” health warnings. The dangers of EMF radiation are published in the users manual, though not positioned in an obvious or upfront manner.

Also, the government knows EMF radiation is dangerous. This is why the government has required manufacturers to keep their phones from emitting “too much radiation”, by requiring the manufacturers to keep their phones within a safety limit. This requirement is called a SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) rating.


What does SAR have to do with the dangers of cell phones?

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is a problematic rating because the “model individual” used to establish the rating does not necessarily fit the average human. SAR ratings are made by using the model of a top military recruit, who is 6 foot 2 inches high, weighing over 200 pounds, with an 11 pound head and only six minutes of mobile use per day. Ask yourself, Are You 6’2″, over 200 Lbs., with an 11 Lb. head? What about women and children?


Why are cellphones so dangerous? Didn’t anyone set standards?

When the Larry King show introduced that the cellphone industry was involved in a wrongful death suit, the industry held off the controversy by telling government officials and the public that they were going to prove their technology was safe.

Unfortunately for the industry, its own research program concluded cellphone radiation was damaging to consumers health.

Dr. George Carlo, was the cellphone industry’s Director of Research who was hired to run their $28 million dollar, 7 year research program to find out if cellphones were dangerous.

Dr. George Carlo presents and reveals how the information-carrying radio waves from cell phones and other wireless technology are causing biological harm. Dr. Carlo says that when our cells are hit by EMF radiation, the cells regard the information-carrying radio waves as unrecognizable foreign toxins. This causes the cell membranes to weaken and shut down the transport channels between cells. As a result, nutrients do not get in and waste products do not get out. Among these waste products are free radicals that cause disruption of the cellular respiratory function. The cells become further energy-deficient, eventually triggering programmed cell death. The free radicals also interfere with DNA repair, a factor in the development of micronuclei and tumor formation.