It’S A FACT AND IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: Cellphones are 2-Way Microwave Radios and everyday, more and more evidence is released indicating microwave signals are harmful to your health.

After 20-years of R&D and after worldwide tests…all of which have validated that CeL-Factor’s technology helps the body fight the negative of cellphone radiation, we are pleased to present a solution to help you protect yourself and those you love from the negative effects of EMF radiation.

CeL-Factor™ Works On All Cellphones – Is Simple and Easy To Install – Requires No Batteries and should be used on all WIFI devices (like laptops, tablets, routers, etc).

How does it work?  Embedded into CeL-Factor™, is a new breakthrough technology called Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT) from von Hoffmann & Partner and because EQCCT emits natural frequencies that communicates with the body, it helps the body remain in a much more normal state when exposed to microwave cellphone radiation. (Read About EQCCT)

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