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Why was CeL-Factor’s Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo based testing done at the Jasper Clinic?

Founded by a dedicated group of experienced clinical researchers more than 30 years ago as the internal clinic for The Upjohn Company, Pharmacia, and Pfizer, the Jasper Clinic provides Phases I-IIa clinical pharmacology services—the first steps in determining if the newest medicines work safely and effectively in humans. The clinic also offers clinical support for medical devices, diagnostics, and select services in Phases III-IV studies.

Clinical Researchers call this study.. “The (Gold Standard) of Clinical Testing”


CeL-Factor™ has not only undergone a “Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-based” study, but has also had testing done worldwide. Below, We Proudly Present Other Test Reports For Your Review.


2011 Royal Scientific Society Thermography Test

2011 SAR Reduction Test

2009 Thermography Test

2009 Blood Analysis